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But, as Mr. Caruba points out, while the cause of these annual wildfires is a spark and a good stiff breeze, it's “probably just a matter of a day, maybe less, before we begin to hear that the wild fires . . . are the result of 'global warming. These days everything is the result of 'global warming.' Ice melting somewhere? 'Global warming.' Hurricanes? 'Global warming.' Blizzards? 'Global warming.' Wildfires? 'Global warming.'”

Relax, he says, the “earth is not experiencing any kind of massive, higher than average (if there is even anything approximately an average) temperature. The warming that has occurred since around 1850 is the natural response to a previous mini-ice age that began in 1300. The earth has warmed about one degree or maybe a shade less.” Not feeling gay

Every presidential campaign finds some new group stepping out of the closet, some even twice.

This presidential primary season we are introduced to “Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays,” which wants homosexual activists to end their attacks against Donnie McClurkin, a black gospel singer and “former homosexual.”

Mr. McClurkin, the pro-former-homosexual group explains, is a Grammy Award winning singer orchestrating gospel concerts to raise funds for Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign. But now some homosexual activists are demanding that the Illinois Democrat drop Mr. McClurkin's voice from the fundraising. “Ex-gays . . . should not have to endure this type of abuse because they chose to leave homosexuality,” said Regina Griggs, the group's executive director, who finds it ironic that homosexual activists used the civil rights movement to win their own homosexual rights, yet turn against a black person who no longer wants to engage in homosexuality.

John McCaslin

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