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Angels' flight

The inevitable end comes to us all, as we were reminded when Congress this week passed a resolution expressing the nation's sincerest appreciation and thanks to members of the 303rd Bombardment Group, also known as the "Hell's Angels" during World War II, upon the occasion of its "final reunion."

"Due to age and the declining health of many of our veterans, the 303rd Bomb Group Association board of directors has made the difficult decision to dissolve the association at the end of 2007," we read on the bomber group's Web site.

There we find historical pages preserving the memory and legacy of the men who served in the 303rd. They were the Eighth Air Force, B-17 Bomber Group stationed in Molesworth, England, and they adopted the motto "Might in Flight" in October 1942, "and lived up to it on each of their record 364 combat missions."

More importantly, the site contains a "taps" list, revealing that the past several months have been a particularly tough time for the surviving men of the 303rd:

Victor N. Shook died Sept. 19; Robert E. Lyda, Sept. 5; Robert E. Galbraith, Aug. 16; Martin E. Plocher, Aug. 3; William E. Olson, July 30; Deane K. Day, July 26; Leroy P. Christenson, July 21; Robert L. Rosier, July 19; Carl K. Shumar, July 13; Richard P. Dubell, May 6; Kenneth G. Hildebrand, April 25; and Burnham E. Shaw Jr., April 8.


So that's it

It's becoming clear why U.S. military-bashing has House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats in a state of paralysis.To paraphrase a line from the Tom Cruise film "Jerry Maguire," they've been shown the money.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) points out in a David Letterman-style "Top 20 Reasons Why Nancy Pelosi" has not brought herself to defend Gen. David H. Petraeus that has made substantial contributions of late to Congress' newly elected Democrats:

1. Rep. Christopher S. Murphy of Connecticut: $502,998

2. Rep. Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania: $447,940

3. Rep. Joe Donnelly of Indiana: $378,951

4. Rep. Michael Arcuri of New York: $183,495

5. Rep. Zack Space of Ohio: $170,158

And the list goes on ...

Party's over

"I think it's been hijacked by incompetency. I think that's what has driven the Republican Party right off the cliff. And we are not who we say we are, and that's at best, dishonest."

John McCaslin

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