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Big bull's-eye

We have to laugh at left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who was asked the following question during a live chat on the Huffington Post:

Jonathan in Los Angeles: "I would like to ask Mr. Moore ... have you everthought about running for president?"

Mr. Moore: "No. I would like to live."

Washington posts

Speaking of which, that was Ariana Huffington dropping by Washington political pollster Frank Luntz's annual baseball all-star party in McLean on Tuesday night.

The former conservative turned "progressive populist" tells Inside the Beltway she'll be making the rounds in official Washington during most of July before returning home to Los Angeles.

Getting whipped

"I've learned that life in the minority provides you a little more time to think. Not necessarily a good thing, but not necessarily a bad thing to have occasional moments to take stock."
- House Republican Whip Roy Blunt of Missouri, reflecting this week on the eight months that have passed since Democrats swept to power on Capitol Hill.

Persistent problem

Republican Party activist LaDonna Hale Curzon says she just enjoyed watchingon Turner Classic Movies a Ronald Reagan B-movie made in 1939.

"Entitled 'Secret Service of the Air,' a dashing 28-year-old Mr. Reagan plays the role of Lieutenant 'Brass' Bancroft, an ex-Navy flier who works as a commercial airline pilot. One day he quits his well-paying, safe job to becomean agent for the Secret Service," she explains.

"His first assignment is to infiltrate a gang that smuggles illegal aliens from Mexico into the United States by airplane. I found it fascinating that illegal aliens from Mexico were an issue in 1939."

Say what?

Speaking of infiltrators along the U.S.-Mexican border, a Republican congressman isn't buying Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff's claim that illegal entry into the United States is decreasing.

"According to their reports, the number of illegals arrested on the Mexico-U.S. border has decreased almost 25 percent," notes Rep. Ted Poe of Texas, a former judge. "Now [Mr. Chertoff] claims illegal crossings are down because apprehensions on the border are down. That is like saying there are fewer carson the road because the police are issuing fewer traffic tickets."

Urgent matters

Now that some in Congress have heaped praise on this past weekend's Live Earth global warming concerts, a Republican congresswoman from Tennessee says it's time to get back to work.

John McCaslin

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