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Indeed, there were cries of "political correctness" in 1997 when President Clinton dedicated a cigarette-less Roosevelt memorial, midway between the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials. And it wasn't just FDR's familiar cigarette holder that was scrapped.

The nearby statue of Eleanor Roosevelt is all but naked without her trademark fox fur draped around her shoulders.

Double duty

"I'm very proud of what they have accomplished, though I have to admit that it will be good to have them back in the office full time."

So reacted Washington malpractice lawyer Jack H. Olender, after his firm's Melissa Rhea and Elizabeth Frey spent their last days as presidents of the Trial Lawyers Association of Metropolitan Washington, D.C., and the Maryland Trial Lawyers Association, respectively — the first instance known when two lawyers from the same office have served simultaneously as presidents of two different state trial lawyers associations.

Eagle eyes

Dean and Jim Thomas, brothers and book publishers from Gettysburg, Pa., thought the Civil War documents they spotted for sale on EBay looked familiar. In fact, Dean Thomas recognized them as ones he'd photocopied two decades ago, while conducting research at the regional National Archives in Philadelphia.

He immediately contacted the National Archives, and a short time later former Archives intern Denning McTague was arrested for stealing 164 documents, 161 of which have now been recovered. He will be sentenced on July 12.

The Thomas brothers were honored in recent days by Archivist of the United States Allen Weinstein, who commented that the National Archives "has a great responsibility to keep the nation's documents safe and secure, but we can't do this without the public's help."

He called the Thomas brothers' catch "extraordinary."

John McCaslin

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