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You might have read that former White House intern Monica Lewinsky has crossed the pond to pursue an advanced degree in social psychology at the London School of Economics.

Just the latest stop for the 32-year-old Lewinsky, who, with the flash of her thong almost single-handedly (it takes two to tango) brought down the Clinton White House.

Why more studies at this stage of her life?

The Beltway Beat is told by a friend of Lewinsky that her handbag business, one of her more recent professional pursuits, "is pretty moribund - she uses garment workers in Houston to do the sewing."

And adding to the misery, Lewinsky "has gained an awful lot of weight."

One source told us that the world's most famous former intern "booted" her $2.1 million contract to be a weight-loss spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, carrying home only "about $400,000."

She drove the company "crazy with various demands, her temperamentalness, but mostly the fact that she didn't lose the weight required in the contract," the source states.

Meanwhile, her friend says that before she decided to move overseas to pursue a master's degree, Lewinsky "toyed with the idea of going to law school for a long time."

"She is basically quite intelligent," the friend states, describing Lewinsky as "just crippled emotionally. ... A sad case really, since all she wants to be - she has told friends so many times - is happily married with children."


We've learned of a major shake-up at the Washington-based National Black Republican Association, with six of the 10 NBRA board members resigning in recent days over various disagreements.

"The organization and its current leadership is heading down a much different direction than was envisioned by myself and the other board members," says Christopher R. Arps.

Similarly, the Rev. Eric M. Wallace, chairman of the African American Republican Council of Illinois and a candidate for lieutenant governor, writes in a resignation letter obtained by The Beltway Beat:

"If you guys decide to formulate another organization based on actually helping our people, let me know. If you choose people with a servant's heart, then I am in. I serve because of my relationship with my Savior. I am a Christian first, a father second, a minister and scholar third, and a black man fourth, and then a Republican. Heaven help me if I ever get these out of order."

John McCaslin

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