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Jon Moseley, author of "Cold Peace," makes a good point after listening to Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry pledge that he would secure Russia's nuclear material three times faster than President Bush.

"News alert for John Kerry: Russia is run by Russian President Vladimir Putin, not George Bush. Russia's nuclear materials are governed out of Moscow, not Massachusetts," the author reminds the candidate.

Moseley says the Democrat's campaign-driven directive on Russia's nuclear waste is yet another insult lodged against a major U.S. ally of late.

"Kerry promised to directly and personally control the nuclear material of Russia," the author notes. "He literally promised a date certain by which he, as president of the United States, would 'secure' the nuclear materials of the Russian Federation."

The big question, he says, is how Kerry plans to cross the border into Russia and take control of these materials?

"Will a President Kerry send in the Marines to 'secure' the nuclear materials of the Russian Federation?" he asks.


If we take the pre-emptive track
With an enemy like Iraq,
My first "global test"
Is the plan must be blessed
By the country we aim to attack.

- F.R. Duplantier


Top Bush campaign aide Karen Hughes peeked into the press cabin of Air Force One, clutching the weather-description card for the president's recent flight route to Waterloo, Iowa.

"I just can't resist pointing out something fun to you - 'Clear skies with fog?'" she remarked of the wording.

She then opined that it was an apt description of Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry's campaign platform of placating every voter at all times - or at least she said, "I thought it was pretty ironic."


They call themselves "Billionaires for Bush" and they gathered outside the MCI Center the other night protesting - or at least pretending to protest - left-wing rock musicians who irresponsibly encourage the young and misguided to get out and vote.

The protesters, many no doubt dressed to the hilt for the first time in tuxedos and evening gowns, spoke of "true duties" of patriotic citizens of limited means, and celebrated the "noble efforts of fellow Republicans" to restrict the vote by launching their own "Block the Vote" campaign.

They also claimed (certainly in jest) that they are working together with Republican Party apparatchiks and public officials to encourage restrictions on voter registration and to implement as many electronic voting machines as possible.

WE CARE, BUT . . .

John McCaslin

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