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The International Spy Museum in Washington, the only museum in the country dedicated to espionage, will enforce a minimum age of 18 for its July 14 seminar on one of the oldest tricks of the trade: sexpionage.

Those of a mature age will learn that spies, counterspies and even terrorists conduct undercover activities "under the covers," using seduction as a tool to attract and manipulate, coerce and compromise.

Authentic KGB sexual-entrapment videos and newly released technical details of the infamous Russian "honey traps" will be shown. Not that there haven't been similar shapely traps in this country.

Confederate spy Rose O'Neal Greenhow professed during the Civil War: "God gave me both a brain and a body, and I shall use them both."


"My mama always said to me, 'Tell me who you go with, and I'll tell you who you are.'"

- Democratic strategist James Carville, explaining why he is proud to "go with" Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota, whose opponent for re-election - former Republican Rep. John Thune - has received some heavyweight support of late from Vice President Dick Cheney and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee.


Editors at the Weekly Standard in Washington were amused by a phone call they received from liberal activist and Air America radio host Al Franken, relaying that he objected to the magazine's suggestion that he was "gushing" over a recent conversation he'd had with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, New York Democrat.

 "I don't think I gushed," Franken said for the record.


Because of overwhelming demand from the public, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Foundation is rushing to produce an official compact disc and digital video disc relating to the funeral and burial of former President Ronald Reagan.

Both the CD and DVD will be produced in conjunction with family friend Merv Griffin. The target date for release is July 1.


Democrats are calling on Americans of all political stripes who cherish the memories of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John Fitzgerald Kennedy to let it be known that they do not want the images of the two American presidents removed from the dime or half-dollar as a tribute to former President Ronald Reagan.

John McCaslin

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