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Because of the "current political polarization" in America today, the United States will suffer another "large scale" terrorist attack within the next year.

So warns a new poll conducted by the National Association of Chiefs of Police, revealing that 95 percent of the nation's police commanders and security directors expect a "catastrophic" terrorist incident within the continental United States.

"If Americans believe we're not being targeted for terror in the near future, they are fooling themselves," says NACOP Vice President Jim Kouri, who predicts the killers, among other dastardly missions, will be attempting to influence this November's presidential election. It worked for them in Spain.


"I'm partial to politicians with iambic names that rhyme with a lot of disparaging words," admits New Yorker staff writer Calvin Trillin, since 1990 the Nation magazine's "deadline poet," contributing a piece of verse on the news every week.

And while the name George W. Bush is everything but iambic these days, Trillin has compiled 112 pages of presidential verse for his new book, "Obviously On He Sails: The Bush Administration in Rhyme." The author's poems, which go on sale next week, also feature Bush's "supporting cast," led by "Supreme Commander Karl Rove."

For anybody still wondering why the president invaded Iraq, consider Trillin's modern-day version of the Bill Clinton-era movie, "Wag the Dog":

"Osama's split and Wall Street's sagging.
It's time to get that puppy wagging."


Making a rare appearance in North Carolina last weekend was North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, who spent much of the past year campaigning unsuccessfully for president.

"John Edwards has spent more time this year in Rochester, N.H., than Raleigh, N.C., so I'm glad Erskine Bowles is taking the opportunity to reintroduce Mr. Edwards to North Carolina voters," says Doug Heye of Sunday's fund-raiser for Bowles, who was White House chief of staff under President Clinton.

"It's been so long since they've seen him in the state, voters might have forgotten they have two senators," says Heye, a former Capitol Hill staffer who is in North Carolina working to elect Republican Rep. Richard M. Burr to the Senate.

"It will be interesting to see if Erskine will apologize to Mr. Edwards for supporting D.G. Martin in the 1998 (Senate) Democrat primary."


John McCaslin

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