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Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won't be reading her own long-awaited memoir, so she might as well pick up the just-released book of a former White House colleague.

A retired FBI agent and now president of the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, Gary Aldrich previously took readers into the myriad nooks and crannies of the Clinton White House with his No. 1 best seller, "Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent in the Clinton White House."

His new book, "Thunder on the Left: An Insider's Report on the Hijacking of the Democratic Party" (Allegiance Press, $25.95), caps a five-year investigation in which Aldrich reveals how the "hard left," led by Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle of South Dakota, worships everything from political correctness to big government.

And, adds the author, when people dare call left-handed politics by its real name, centrist Republicans often come to their defense, saying those on the left are merely patriots with other opinions.

"Nonsense," Aldrich writes. "For too long, the soft-hearted right has been far too polite. We need to expose the hard left for the dangerous threat they represent."

Which is? "Gutter tactics," he says, "including a 'nanny state' mentality: The hard left sees a need to regulate everything from SUVs to cell phone use by drivers."

He also says the left is responsible for turning the media into a massive "entertainment machine," designed to slant the news and move the culture ever leftward. That's why the former G-man labels today's journalism "Big Entertainment."


It's not likely to happen, but a Colorado congressman and outspoken watchdog of illegal immigration in this country wants President Bush to tell his friends south of the border that our two governments are not one and the same.

Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo says several foreign governments are now distributing identification cards to their nationals living illegally in the United States.

"Some of these governments - specifically, one of them, Mexico - has taken this one step further and decided to begin to use their consular offices here to lobby state and local governments in the United States to get them to accept these cards, thereby aiding and abetting people living in this country illegally," he says, labeling the lobbying outrageous.

John McCaslin

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