John McCain

This Congress has been in session close to two years and now they have accomplished exactly nothing to meet any of these challenges. Now Senator Obama wants you to believe that things will get better if Democrats control both the Congress and the presidency. But when Americans demand change in Washington, one-party rule where power is an end of itself isn't exactly what they have in mind.

My fellow Americans, if Governor Palin and I are entrusted with four years in the White House, we'll show you what real change looks like. As president, I will veto reckless spending bills, to control the size of government and to let the workers of America keep more of their own earnings. I will put an end to earmark spending, by refusing to sign any bill that contains an earmark. I will lead the cause of health-care reform, by offering every person and family a generous tax credit so they can choose and afford their own health care. I will offer real choice in America's public schools, so that parents, teachers, and principals are in charge instead of union bosses and bureaucrats. And instead of wasting your money on things you never asked for and don't need, we're going to focus on essential priorities like helping American families with tax relief, balancing our federal budget, protecting our people from threats abroad and at home, and regaining control over the cost and supply of energy.

Governor Sarah Palin and I not only promise big change in Washington -- we have records of change to back up our words. We offer not only change you can believe in, but change you can verify. We'll get the job of reform done -- to shake things up in Washington, solve our energy problems, and get the American economy moving again. And whatever your party affiliation, I want every voter in America to know that I am hoping to earn your support in the cause of real reform in Washington.

Thanks for listening.

John McCain

John McCain is a candidate for the nomination of the Republican Party for President of the United States.