John Leo

Posted November 28, 2005

In a burst of anti-war triumphalism, Harold Meyerson of the Washington Post wrote last week that President Bush and the Bushies have run out of “elitists whom they can demonize.”

Posted November 21, 2005

Folks, we’re talking here with Terry Carville-Begala, the famed political strategist. How goes the fight to trash Bush’s Supreme Court nominee, Sam Alito?

Posted November 14, 2005

Critics have noticed that nobody is responsible for anything anymore, since almost everyone is a victim. Here are the top 10 victim stories of 2005.

Posted November 07, 2005

The feminist left is outraged that judge Samuel Alito voted in 1991 to uphold a Pennsylvania law that would have required married women to notify their husbands of a decision to abort.

Posted October 31, 2005

The editor of “the new republic” suggested the other day that “the new liberal political culture emerging on the Internet” looks a lot like the McGovernite revolution that descended on the Democratic Party in 1972.

Posted October 24, 2005

Next week: the ACLU sues to ban deviled eggs from the school cafeteria.

Posted October 17, 2005

The cultural left has a new tool for enforcing political conformity in schools of education.

Posted October 10, 2005

Thanks to a long report in the new Orleans Times-Picayune, we now know that most of the incredible tales of savagery in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina were simply made up by panicky residents and passed along by the media.

Posted October 02, 2005

David and Tonia Parker of lexington, Mass., saw a red flag when their son came home from kindergarten last January with a “diversity book bag” that included Who’s in a Family, a book promoting acceptance of gay marriage.

Posted September 26, 2005

It took the media a while to acknowledge that most of Katrina's victims were black. Apparently, it will take longer to mention that most of the victims were women and children.

Posted September 12, 2005

Recriminations started early, and commentary quickly broke along partisan lines.

Posted September 06, 2005

On August 6, as her 15 minutes of fame was just beginning, Cindy Sheehan used an odd term in a TV interview with Mark Knoller of CBS.

Posted August 29, 2005

Mr. Answer Man, I see in the newspapers that Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones complained 'George Bush doesn’t listen to us.' What does he mean by that?

Posted August 22, 2005

Do-gooders are all around us now, trying to ban everything from kids' games to ketchup.

Posted August 15, 2005

Of all his accomplishments I admired Peter most for his dramatic comeback.

Posted August 08, 2005

While you're sound asleep, some unknown person comes and tinkers with your car, or if you're an athlete, with your personal bodily fluids.

Posted August 01, 2005

In the wake of the London bombings, New York City is now searching the bags of subway riders.

Posted July 25, 2005

Isn't it awful, a friend said at dinner the other night, that 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died since the U.S. invasion?

Posted July 18, 2005

David Koepp, who wrote the screen-play for War of the Worlds, says the Martian attackers in the film represent the American military, while the Americans being slaughtered at random represent Iraqi civilians.

Posted July 11, 2005

No 'agents of social change,' please, on the Supreme Court. We need a modest and nonideological justice who is determined not to impose his or her politics from the bench.