John Howell

Realizing that this imperfect representative republic isn’t going away anytime soon, we figure that our president better know his way around town. Governing isn’t easy. Remember this: Those crafty, “Eastern elites,” devised a system that was intentionally rigged to be insanely frustrating. Monotonous and detailed, the work itself tends to weed out the lazy and easily distracted. Those who screech and punch themselves out, wind up sucking air and becoming marginalized before the real debate begins.

We look repeatedly for someone who has genuinely completed the ponderous drudgery necessary to accomplish goals above and beyond bluster and anger. We admire those who have chaired meetings, exhibited feigned interest while the dummies drone on, and then, built a coalition and passed a bill. Also, as a bonus, maybe, just maybe, they have also successfully balanced a budget from time to time.

There is, of course, much more than pure professionalism and experience to consider: Independent voters will pull the lever for someone who, they feel, can handle the extreme stress of the job and present a coherent message and vision for the future. We will reward a president who will spend our blood and treasure judiciously while protecting America’s vital interests.

This fine Colonial of ours’ needs some renovation. I’d recommend hiring skilled labor every time. Arsonist hacks can’t be trusted with the projects of this size.

The great news for conservatives is that both Newt and Mitt fit the bill. They’re pros and are prepared for the job. We could do far worse. Now, you decide.

John Howell

"Big" John Howell currently co-hosts the "Big John and Amy Show" each weekday morning on AM 560 WIND in Chicago. John came to Chicago over 20 years ago and has been heard on WUSN-FM, WJMK-FM, and WCKG-FM. He’s also hosted the nationally syndicated Country Gold, a live call-in request show heard across the country via the Westwood One Radio Network from 1999-2006.