John Howell

Times are tough, and money’s short. There’s an extraordinary amount of remodeling that must be done. This old republic is in tough shape. The roof’s leaking, and the plumbing is shot. If that’s not bad enough, we’re out of cash.

Well, it’s not as bad as you think. Both Newt and Mitt are skilled labor. They have tools, they’re licensed, and can provide references.

Some conservatives are apocalyptic at the thought of Newt Gingrich capturing the nomination. He shleps loads of personal baggage, has a history of questionable business situations, undisciplined rhetoric, and a certain intellectual smugness that can be, shall we say, “misinterpreted.” Maybe you are bemoaning the prospect of Mitt Romney carrying the torch. He’s the, “consultant’s consultant,” a serial flip flopper, the establishment pick, Mr. Mormon Milquetoast, midwife to Obamacare, and perhaps the first ‘fully programmed’ hologram to fool us all.

While hosting my radio show, I hear the squawking and howling regularly. “We want someone fresh! Ideologically pure, with no history. The perfect warrior to send to D.C. to dismantle evil government.”

No, no, you don’t. Good in theory, catastrophically bad in practice.

Please get over it. Newt and Mitt will be, in the end, your choices. The good news is they’re both truly skilled professionals. Been there, done that, they have the tee-shirts, and the less-than-perfectly-pure records to prove it.

Here’s the other thing you need to understand — political experience and professionalism are positive attributes to most of America, especially to moderates and independents, who, by the way, are the folks who elect presidents.

Make no mistake — no matter how trite or unappealing you may find this -- mushy, moderate middle America’s criteria for supporting a presidential hopeful will center on someone who conveys that they’re a professional and are ready for the job. We don’t hire huskers or reality TV stars for this gig.

Contrary to the, “throw all the bums out,” mentality, America’s has been historically drawn to candidates who have accrued some governmental experience of a significant level. Turning to someone who can work — and embrace — this most unwieldy system.

John Howell

"Big" John Howell currently co-hosts the "Big John and Amy Show" each weekday morning on AM 560 WIND in Chicago. John came to Chicago over 20 years ago and has been heard on WUSN-FM, WJMK-FM, and WCKG-FM. He’s also hosted the nationally syndicated Country Gold, a live call-in request show heard across the country via the Westwood One Radio Network from 1999-2006.