John Hawkins

10) Like preachers, we used to expect politicians to be MORALLY BETTER than the average person. Now, we expect them to be WORSE. What's wrong with holding our leaders to a higher standard instead of excusing their horrible behavior?

11) The liberal mainstream media tendency to choose unrepresentative voices like David Frum, Meghan McCain, and David Brooks as the "voice of conservatives." Instead of actually getting the conservative position on issues, all the media does is choose people that most Republicans don't like to tell liberals what they want to hear about the Right.

12) Politicians have always lied, but it hasn't always been acceptable for politicians to be caught lying. There used to be big consequences for lying to the public. Today, the American people are told bald faced lies on a regular basis and they just shrug it off. That's not how it's supposed to work.

13) Regularly being told that we should vote for a Republican who holds grassroots conservatives in contempt because he's the "lesser of two evils." Even if that's true, the lesser of two evils is still an evil and we shouldn't be asked to embrace rotten candidates in election after election after election.

14) That Americans have become so polarized and the federal government has become so big that almost every issue of governance has become a fight to the death, one side wins and the other side loses proposition. If I discussed 30 issues with John Kerry, not only would we literally disagree on every one, we'd think the solutions that the other person came up with do more harm than good. It's hard to see how people that far apart can hold together as a nation over the long haul when the federal government insists on controlling almost every aspect of our lives.

15) The all-consuming, everything must be political, all-the-time mentality that leads people to celebrate the deaths of those they disagree with politically, turns funerals into political rallies, and drags politics into everything from marriage to pro-football.

John Hawkins

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