John Hawkins

11) When they don't like something, they throw a tantrum and demand that other people change their behavior to work around their attitude problem.

12) Their universe is made up of “nice” people who agree with them on everything, protected classes of "pets" who are too stupid to get along without them, and mean old poopyheads who don't cater to their every whim. That's about as nuanced as their worldview gets.

13) They really do believe the world -- more specifically, the taxpayers -- owe them a living whether they feel like working for it or not.

14) Little kids believe in Santa Claus. Liberals believe big government works. Both beliefs are equally dumb.

15) They torment, bully, and provoke other people at every opportunity until someone hits them back, at which point they start crying and demanding sympathy.

John Hawkins

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