John Hawkins

2) Their close-mindedness keeps them from getting feedback: Liberals live inside a closed feedback loop. Conservative criticism of liberal policies is treated as wrong by default because those of us on the Right are supposedly awful, mean, racist people who hate poor people and puppies. Yet, liberals embrace tribalism to such an extent that they are only allowed to criticize each other for tactics or for not being liberal enough while support for liberal programs is as immutable as religious doctrine. There is no debate of significance on the Left about whether Obamacare is a good idea or whether the government can "afford" to spend more money on any new programs. Even the "moderate" liberals who talk tough about being pro-life or against gun control because they're in a purple district will always cave on a liberal principle if they're needed for a crucial vote. This is part of the reason you always hear so much talk about a "civil war" on the Right. Conservatives are open-minded enough to have ferocious, free-wheeling debates about the issues while the drones on the Left aren't free thinkers.

3) They don't care if their policies work: Liberalism was not, is not, and will never be about putting the best policies in place to help the most people. If liberals did care about results, they wouldn't be liberals in the first place. To the contrary, liberalism is all about taking positions that make people feel good about themselves. If a policy bankrupts small businesses all across the country, but makes liberals feel compassionate, they view it as good policy. If a policy tramples over the rights of hundreds of millions of people, but makes liberals feel tolerant, they view it as good policy. If a policy mires tens of millions of people in poverty, but it makes liberals feel like they care, they view it as good policy. When you govern based on how policies make you feel, not whether they work or not, you're nothing but an oblivious bull running through a china shop because the sound of all the breaking glass makes you happy.

4) Their strategy is centered around amassing government power: If people can take care of themselves, then they don't need liberals telling them what to do "for their own good" and that just won't do. So, liberals have embraced big government not because it's effective at solving problems, but because it's a good tool to use if you want to control people. Unfortunately for liberals, centralized control of a nation of over 300 million people can't work. There are too many people, too many professions, and too much complexity for D.C. to handle. Put another way, if you put a genius at cooking in charge of making regulatory decisions for the banking or medical industry, she would be practically guaranteed to hopelessly screw it up because she wouldn't have the specific knowledge needed to make good decisions. Oh, and guess what? Most politicians and bureaucrats aren't "geniuses." A lot of them aren't that bright at all and many of the ones that are, have the inflated sense of self-esteem that comes from going to a good school and being told, "You're smart," your whole life without ever going out in the real world and testing yourself. "Big government" leads to "big disasters" and there was not, is not, nor will there ever be liberals smart enough to change that.

5) They don't like America very much: Conservatives start with the assumption that America is a great nation that's worth preserving. Liberals don't share that assumption. Liberals are like a man that looks at his beautiful wife who took care of him, doted on him, and worshipped him for his whole adult life and thinks, "I bet that somewhere there's a super model who'd do everything my wife does AND never ask me to take her out to dinner once in awhile. I want a divorce!" When you don't love this country, when you don't appreciate the INCREDIBLE economic prosperity and freedom we've had, when you feel no gratitude for all of the sacrifices that were made to get us to this point, how can you be trusted to govern?

6) They believe the ends justify the means: Liberals don't care about rules unless the rules benefit them in some fashion. Of course, rules that are only rules when they benefit liberals are no rules at all. Why should you follow the law if illegals are allowed to break the law with impunity? Why shouldn't you cheat on your taxes if a tax cheat like Tim Geithner can be Secretary of the Treasury? If Barack Obama can break the law any way he wants, just because he wants to do it, why shouldn't YOU be able to break the law, too? What this erosion of respect for law and order leads to is a society based on legalism, where people only obey the letter of the law as long as they feel that they won't get caught. Lies becomes routine, corruption becomes endemic, cover-ups become standard -- in other words, the degeneracy of the Obama White House becomes the norm whenever liberals are in charge.

John Hawkins

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