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“I’ve been vomiting. I lost 22 pounds. The pain is unbearable,” said Margaret Figueroa, 49, on Wednesday. “My medication helps me function during the day.”

....Figueroa’s congressman, Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY), intervened to help her obtain some of her vital prescriptions. Grimm says he’s already received calls from at least a dozen Staten Island residents facing the same problem with Obamacare’s “narrow networks” – extreme restrictions to doctor and hospital access imposed by Obamacare.

“Even though the insurance company cashed your check, it doesn’t mean it (the policy) has been implemented,” said Grimm at a Wednesday press conference with Figueroa.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Obamacare has made it even worse for Margaret Figueroa.

A Staten Island woman battling a neurological disease that has required four brain surgeries dropped to 83 pounds after her Obamacare plan denied her three months’ worth of vital medications.

...On Wednesday, Staten Island Advance reporter Tracey Porpora, who originally broke the story, said Figueroa's doctor of several years, Dr. Germaine Rowe, intervened and offered free services. Dr. Rowe says she will continue to offer the pro-bono help until the provider of the Obamacare plan Figueroa purchased sorts out the confusion surrounding why Emblem Health has yet to accept her application. "There are a lot of patients falling through the cracks," Dr. Rowe told the Advance. "This is one of those issues with Obamacare."

2) Pastor Empties His Savings Account And Goes $50,000 Into Debt Because Of Obamacare: A pastor recently diagnosed with cancer, and who is covered under Obamacare, tells a local Iowa reporter that there's "no compassion in the Affordable Care Act."

Back in January, Pastor (Tony) Angran was diagnosed with stage three cancer of the esophagus. He had insurance, but because of a previous heart condition, it did not cover the treatments he needed for his cancer. He found that out just minutes before receiving life-saving chemo," says the local reporter.

The pastor says, "One of the workers came and said let me talk to you. And so I went to talk to her. She says that we found out that your insurance does not include chemo."

"Over the past two months, the Angrans have emptied their savings account and racked up $50,000 in debt. They signed up for the Affordable Care Act," says the local reporter, "but found it to be anything but affordable. It will cost the couple more than $800 per month, money they just don't have."

The reporter adds, "As a pastor, Angran has devoted his life to helping others, to being compassionate. He says, 'There's no compassion in the Affordable Care Act.'"

3) Obama Backer Finds First 96 DOCTORS She Contacts Won’t Accept Her New Obamacare Insurance" This is a particularly fascinating story because the Obama fan being victimized by the Affordable Care Act still supports the law despite the havoc it's causing in her life. The liberal brainwashing is strong with this one.

“I’m sorry, we are no longer accepting that kind of insurance. I apologize for the confusion; Dr. [insert name] is only willing to see existing patients at this time.”

As a proud new beneficiary of the Affordable Health Care Act, I’d like to report that I am doctorless. Ninety-six. Ninety-six is the number of soul crushing rejections that greeted me as I attempted to find one. It’s the number of physicians whose secretaries feigned empathy while rehearsing the “I’m so sorry” line before curtly hanging up. You see, when the rush of the formerly uninsured came knocking, doctors in my New Jersey town began closing their doors and promptly telling insurance companies that they had no room for new patients.

My shiny, never used Horizon health card is as effective as a dollar bill during the Great Depression. In fact, an expert tells CNN, “I think of (Obamacare) as giving everyone an ATM card in a town where there are no ATM machines.”

"What good is insurance if it means you can’t find a doctor to treat you?"

4) Ann Coulter Tells Horror Story: ‘My friend’s sister died today because of Obamacare’: Conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter highlighted just how devastating the impact can be in a recent appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

“This does have real world consequences: I got up the other morning and got an email from a friend saying, ‘My sister almost died because of Obamacare,’” Coulter told host Tucker Carlson.

Coulter said the friend’s sister lost her coverage when Blue Shield pulled out of California because of Obamacare. Despite running a fever, the woman did not go to the emergency room because she had no insurance, until she went into septic shock.

As Coulter explained, her friend later called to say her sister passed away over the weekend.

5) Man Loses His Insurance, Loses Half A Lung, And Goes $100,000 In Debt Because Of Obamacare. An Oklahoma woman says that because of ObamaCare, her husband lost his health insurance — and almost his life. He has also racked up more than $100,000 in hospital bills since his coverage was cancelled.

Due to Affordable Care Act provisions, Laura Hubbs’ employer informed her and her co-workers that it could no longer afford to pay premiums for spouses. The premiums for individual coverage for Laura’s husband Lenny were too high for the couple to afford. Lenny was now uninsured.

Mr. Hubbs was recently released from the hospital after an ordeal that cost him part of one of his lungs, more than $100,000 in hospital bills and almost his life. Doctors had diagnosed Lenny with pneumonia and told him his lungs were filling with blood.

Without coverage, Lenny and his wife believe they did not receive proper care at two different hospitals; he sat at one hospital for nine days where Laura says the doctors did nothing. The couple ultimately demanded that Lenny be transferred to a different hospital where half of one of his lungs was removed. Doctors told him the removal was necessary due to the time his lung had been filled with blood.

How do you live with yourself when you watch people's lives being wrecked by a bill sold to the American people almost entirely based on lies? How cruel. How despicable. Have these people no shame about all the good people they've hurt with their lies?

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