John Hawkins

In a time when our nation is engaged in unsustainable economic policies that seem likely to put an end to America's run as a great nation, perhaps it's time to consider whether our real problem is that we've veered so far from the most successful blueprint for a country ever devised that the Founding Fathers would turn over in their graves if they found out about….

1) Not just 15% of Americans being on food stamps, but the existence of a food stamp program.

2) Forcing Americans to buy health insurance via Obamacare as a condition of American citizenship.

3) Members of Congress voting on bills that they haven't read.

4) The Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision, not so much because the Founding Fathers would oppose abortion, although they would, but because the Court is unconstitutionally taking power away from each state to make its own decision.

5) The federal government taxing states and then using that money to blackmail the states into doing what the Feds want to get their own money back.

6) The average government workers making more than the average citizens paying their taxes.

7) In 2010, the average net worth of a senator was 13 million dollars while the net worth of the average American family was $77,300.

8) A permanent income tax.

9) Expelling children from government schools for playing with toy guns on their own property.

10) Having TSA agents putting their hands on people's crotches and sticking their fingers inside people's pants at the airports.

11) Having the NSA collect the phone records and emails of hundreds of millions of law abiding Americans.

12) Having Christian prayers, the Ten Commandments, and mentions of God banned in schoolhouses and on government property.

and last but not least....

13) The fact that snooty Brit Piers Morgan is lecturing Americans on TV. Patrick Henry would tell him to shove his fish and chips where the sun doesn't shine.

John Hawkins

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