John Hawkins

4) A Pledge To Read Every Bill: Every bill will be limited to 100 pages or less and the entire bill will be posted online for a week before it's voted on so that the public has time to comment and all the members have time to read it.

5) The Job Creation Act Of 2014: Defunding Obamacare would certainly help increase job creation, but Barack Obama has done so much damage to the economy that more than that is needed to get the job done. The Republican Party should also pledge to reduce the corporate tax rate, repeal Sarbanes Oxley, do away with the National Labor Relations Board, increase funding for unemployed worker retraining, and allow businesses to write off all of their new equipment after one year to encourage them to buy the latest technology.

6) A Two Year Spending Freeze: The Republican Party would pledge to freeze all spending, including government salaries, for two years except spending on defense, Veteran Affairs, and entitlement programs.

7) Cut Your Gas Bill Act of 2014: Americans are paying too much at the pump and one of the best ways to put more money in their pockets would be to increase the supply of oil in order to help cut the cost of the gas. Towards that end, Republicans should pledge to drill ANWR, build the Keystone Pipeline, and encourage the offshore drilling that Barack Obama has tamped down on.

8) The Claw Back The NSA Act:

Simply put, the NSA should not be able to collect or retain any email or phone data on an American citizen without getting approval from a judge to target that particular citizen. The 4th Amendment protects us from unreasonable search and seizures and if giving the government access to every phone call and email a law abiding citizen has made for years doesn't qualify, then nothing does.

9) Audit of the Federal Reserve: It's time for the Federal Reserve to be more open, transparent, and accountable. The best way to make sure that happens is to audit the Federal Reserve.

10) No More Bailouts: Republicans should pledge not to bail out any corporations, cities, or states. As part of that pledge, Republicans should attempt to repeal Dodd-Frank which has funding for future bank bailouts built into the bill.

John Hawkins

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