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4) June 6, 2011:Andrew Breitbart showed up at Anthony Weiner's press conference and took the stage before Weiner spoke to note that he broke the story and that he had been proven right despite liberal claims that he faked the picture and/or hacked Weiner's account. It was one of the highlights of Breitbart's all too short life and the equivalent of running over Weiner with a truck, getting out, kicking him in the ribs, flipping him off and then driving off to an all-night party. Five days later, Weiner resigned.

5) July 18, 2012: Weiner and his wife Huma do an image rehabilitation interview with People magazine. During the interview, Huma said, "Anthony has spent every day since (the scandal) trying to be the best dad and husband he can be. ....I'm proud to be married to him." Anthony Weiner added, "I really do feel like a very, very different person." Just six days before that interview, Weiner, who was using the hilarious nom de plume "Carlos Danger" had begun talking to 23 year old Sydney Leathers. By August, they were regularly having phone sex, cybersex and were discussing his moving her into a sex condo for convenient trysts. On the downside, Weiner may have been a little hypocritical in that People interview, but on the other hand, if his preview pictures weren't quite enough for you, the new ones that have come out since mean that Anthony Weiner may be the first mayor of an American city to have pics of his junk swinging in the breeze online.

6) July 23, 2013: Weiner did a press conference about the Sydney Leathers story and the pictures she provided and, helped to damage his wife's reputation in the process. Weiner's wife Huma, who was a sympathetic figure the first time around, did the Hillary Clinton "Stand by Your Man" thing at the press conference which made her look completely Machiavellian when Weiner admitted that, "She knew all along...I told her everything." So, Huma knew her husband was cheating on her, even when they were lying to America and pretending this was all behind them? When you lie to the public in order to enable your husband's affairs and gain prestige for yourself, you start to edge over the line from victim to co-conspirator.

7) July 25, 2013: After admitting to cheating on Huma with Sydney, Weiner is now admitting to cheating on both of them with two other women -- which probably means there are a dozen that Weiner still thinks can't be traced back to him. Who could have ever guessed when Bill Clinton officiated at the wedding between Weiner and Huma (Yes, he really did) that it would end in non-stop infidelity being enabled by a power- hungry wife....wait, maybe that's not as crazy as it seems on second thought.

John Hawkins

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