John Hawkins

9) I think if you're in America, you should speak English. That's the language we speak here and it's rude to have a conversation in a foreign language in front of other people who don't speak it.

10) I don't hate illegal immigrants. If I lived in a crummy pesthole like Mexico, I might come here illegally to make money for my family, too. But, if I got caught breaking the law, I wouldn't have the audacity to demand sympathy and act like I was the one being victimized. Illegals broke the law and whatever problems that causes for them are their own damn fault.

11) I think people should stop complaining about how much money bankers and CEOS make and should start trying to become bankers and CEOS.

12) How we ended up with so many people hostile to Christianity and Judaism in this country, I don't know. The nicest, most decent, most charitable people I've ever met have all been Christians or Jews. If every Christian and Jew in America disappeared tomorrow, 99% of the private charities, soup kitchens and homeless shelters in America would close overnight. That's not a slap at anybody else, just a statement of fact.

13) Yeah, I will wave an American flag on occasion. Why not? Is there a better flag to wave than ours?

14) I believe an administration, college, or Hollywood studio -- that is comprised of people who are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, gay and straight who all have the same liberal opinions on every issue -- has nothing it can teach the rest of us about diversity.

15) I have been so poor that I genuinely considered sleeping in my car for a month or two to save up some money. I once even slept in an elevator for a night because I was too broke to chip in money to stay at a friend's hotel room and too proud to sleep over without paying my own way. I didn't get past that by taking welfare, food stamps or waving a sign at an Occupy protest. I lived cheaply, worked hard and never stopped looking for extra ways to make money until I put some money back and got some breathing room. Don't tell me I don't care about poor people. I've been poor, I'm not anymore and I tell people what works.

John Hawkins

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