John Hawkins

5) ...Thinks women have just as much of a right to be educated as men, should be able to leave the house without a male relative and should be allowed to FREELY CHOOSE whether or not they want to wear a Burqa or Hijab.

6) ...Rejects anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and genocide against Israel.

7) ...Is against Sharia, which is a primitive, barbaric code that is pro wife-beating, pro-rape, anti-free speech, homophobic and entirely incompatible with civilized behavior.

Certainly, we could easily add more things to this list, but this seems like a good starting point because these are almost unarguable. If you're an Al-Qaeda fan, believe in murdering people over a cartoon, want to knife people who leave Islam, are fine with wife beating, think little girls shouldn't have a right to an education, want to finish what Hitler started in Israel or want to drag the whole world back to the dark ages with Sharia, it's hard to argue that you are in any way, shape or form a "moderate." Yet, there are probably more than 100 million Muslims across the world who fit some or all of those descriptions -- and if anything, that estimate is low.

It's time to start calling these radicals what they are, while separating them out from truly "moderate Muslims." Christians don't get offended when someone slams Fred Phelps and his wacky God Hates F@gs clan or a Christian nut job who murders an abortion doctor because it's understood that those freaks are way outside the mainstream of Christianity. It's time for everyone to do the same sort of thing with Islam so that good and decent Muslims aren't lumped in with these radical Jihadists whom we can never trust, accept or treat as anything other than rabid dogs.

John Hawkins

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