John Hawkins

2) Overbearing Gay Marriage Advocates: Nobody bullies and hates quite like someone who's convinced that he’s being "victimized." You see, if you feel like you're "fighting back," that makes it allowable for you to gin up hatred and misogyny against people who disagree with you, as Dan Savage does, or tell people who disagree with you that they should kill themselves and reject their Christian parents like Michelangelo Signorile. It's ironic that supporters of God's definition of marriage are attacked as hateful by supporters of gay marriage because some of the most vicious, hateful and nasty rhetoric in all of politics is coming from overbearing advocates of gay marriage.

3) Militant Atheists: We're in nation that's 70% Christian, but bizarrely, it's the angry atheists who are intolerant of the Christians, not vice-versa. From their blasphemous artwork, to their unending hostility to all things Christian, to the childish little fits they pitch when they see people practicing their faith, militant atheists are some of the least tolerant people in America. When we've even gotten to the point where angry atheists are outraged by children being taken to see "A Charlie Brown Christmas," then I think it's time for them to admit they need some help learning how to play nice with other human beings.

4) Race Hustlers: People like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry and Toure seem to be completely unaware of how offensive it is to be falsely called a racist. It's not quite the same thing as someone making a joke about a black man eating watermelon, but it's roughly equivalent in offensiveness. Yet, the charge is tossed around on a regular basis for the flimsiest of reasons. Happily, racial slurs have been relegated to the fringes in American society and false accusations of racism deserve to be in that same category.

5) Sexist Liberal Men: One of the great ironies of the "War on Women" theme that dominated the last election cycle is that the most grotesque sexism in politics comes from the Left these days. The liberals put out Sarah Palin porn flicks, they made gross jokes about Michele Bachmann eating a corndog, they speculate about which conservative women they want to hate f*ck -- it just goes on and on. It's gross, crude, stupid and all too typical. All the abuse someone like Sandra Fluke has taken in her entire lifetime is probably nothing more than an average Tuesday to someone like Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin. Why? Because liberal men believe they can't be sexist, by virtue of the fact that they're liberal men. That sort of gross sexism seems to be the rule, not the exception, with liberal men and their hypocritical feminist enablers who turn a blind eye to their horrible behavior.

John Hawkins

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