John Hawkins

4) ...suspend kids from school for wearing American flag bandannas and chanting USA, USA, USA.

5) ...accuse people of being racist for political reasons.

6) ....advocate lying about people who disagree with you to further your political goals.

7) ...abort a child without the permission of the father. If the father is required to support a child after it's born because it "takes two" -- and he should be -- then the mother shouldn't be able to end the life of his child without his agreement.

8) ...publicly celebrate the death or injury of people you disagree with politically.

9) for violence against people you disagree with politically or the destruction of their property.

10) ...try to shout people down at a speech to keep them from being heard or throw glitter, salad dressing, pies, or even pull fire alarms to try to prevent them from being able to exercise their First Amendment rights.

11) ...hack into people's home computers or email. It's even worse to do it and distribute what you find to the press.

12) ...take welfare, food stamps, school lunches or anything else that requires you to live off what somebody else has earned without at least feeling some shame for not being able to take care of yourself. It's even worse when you take people's charity and then complain about the way you're being given handouts.

13) ...threaten, bully, personally insult or request that gay Americans commit suicide because they didn't vote for the candidate you support.

14) ...aim race-based slurs at people you disagree with politically.

15) ...hurl gross sexual insults at conservative women, photoshop them onto pornography, do porno movies featuring actresses pretending to be them, or to talk about how you'd like to "hate f***" them.

John Hawkins

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