John Hawkins

4) The Democrats want to take our guns away: The Democrats are following Rahm Emanuel's cynical advice to the hilt and are determined to "Never let a crisis go to waste." There's not a gun control bill on the table that would do anything to stop another Sandy Hook, but the point is disarming the American people, not stopping massacres. Since the Democrats can't get away with banning guns....yet, their goal is to limit the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding Americans as much as humanly possible.

5) The Democrats are overreaching: Less than three years after the worst defeat they’ve suffered in fifty years, the Democrats are acting like the whole country has become another San Francisco. Their message to Republicans? Go to hell! To Independents? We don't need you anymore! To even moderate Democrats? This isn't your party anymore. Meanwhile, "In nine of the ten sixth-year Congressional elections since 1910, the president’s party has lost seats in the Senate and in the House. The average loss in the Senate has been 8.6 seats and in the House it was 30 seats." In other words, if we play it smart, we are poised to have a monster year in 2014 that could increase our margin in the House and put the Senate back in Republican hands.

This is why we're organizing Day of Resistance rallies all across the country. Barack Obama, the Democrats, and even the Republicans in Congress need to be reminded that the Tea Party is still here and those of us in the grassroots are not sitting down, shutting up, or giving in. That goes double for Americans who care about their Second Amendment rights. The Democrats believe they can demonize gun owners and try to take your guns away without having to worry about any consequences at the ballot box. We need to show them that they're wrong.

We're off to a good start. This effort, which was begun by Dustin Stockton of Western Representation PAC and The Tea is less than two weeks old, but we're already getting close to the 100 rally mark and dozens of new protests are being added every day. Tiffiny Ruegner of Women Warrior's PAC has even done a press conference promoting the event in front of Diane Feinstein’s office.

Want more information? Keep an eye on Right Wing News and The Tea Party News Network. Want to help? Share the videos (here and here or the graphics), forward, tweet and email this column, volunteer to help, or sign up to organize a rally at Day of

Folks, I am proud to be one of the people who has been helping to get these protests off the ground from the very beginning and I want you to be there with me because I absolutely believe that this will be the moment when the conservative comeback for 2014 begins. We're going to have hundreds of peaceful conservative rallies all across the country and unlike the Occupy movement, we'll be showered, we won't be breaking the law, and we won't need any "rape free zones" to make women feel safe at our rallies. This is going to be the moment when the conservative movement stops backing up. This will be the time when law abiding Americans send a resolute "No more" to the gun grabbers in Congress. This will be the day when the retreat that started with Mitt Romney's loss ends and the conservative movement once again starts to resist!

John Hawkins

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