John Hawkins

14) We gerrymander congressional districts to the point that it's practically impossible for most members of the House to be beaten by someone from the opposite party; then we're surprised when neither side can work together.

15) We set up rules that give existing unions every advantage over the companies that hire them; then we're surprised when those companies start to inevitably fall apart.

16) We worry more about children's self-esteem than their performance; then we're surprised when college kids aren't ready for the working world.

17) We encourage multiculturalism, don't teach patriotism, and treat American citizenship like it's valueless; then we're surprised as we become ever more segmented and divided as a people.

18) We elect and re-elect politicians who lie to our faces, see prostitutes, use hard drugs and have affairs; then we're surprised when we find most politicians care more about keeping their cushy jobs than helping the country.

19) We denigrate Christianity at every opportunity, mock people of honor, and openly scoff at people who talk about morals; then we're surprised at how dishonest and nasty our society has become.

20) We have a sky high corporate tax rate, a ridiculous legal system that exposes corporations to abusive and time-consuming lawsuits, and the most progressive income tax system in the Western world; then we're surprised when American companies move overseas.

John Hawkins

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