John Hawkins

9) You think Mitt Romney putting his dog on top of his car to take on his vacation is a big deal, but Barack Obama eating a dog to GAIN ITS POWERS isn't.

10) You think the key issues of Election 2012 are whether Romney releases his old tax returns as opposed to which candidate can help get the economy back on track, create jobs, and get the debt under control.

11) You don't believe there's any voter fraud in America after watching Democrats commit voter fraud on the floor of their own convention to put God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel back into their party platform.

12) You believe that most of the people who are criticizing Barack Obama are doing it because he's black, but you would be offended if someone said the only reason you criticize Mitt Romney is because you hate Mormons.

13) You think that the best way to "save Medicare" is to support Barack Obama, who took $718 billion out of the program to fund Obamacare, over Mitt Romney who would kill Obamacare and put that money back in the program.

14) You believe Bush is a war criminal for creating Gitmo and wasting terrorists with drone attacks, but Barack Obama is just doing what he has to do to keep us safe.

15) You get more upset about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Barack Obama does with our money.

16) You think that giving the SEALs permission to kill Osama Bin Laden is actually a "gutsy call" as opposed to the same call pretty much any adult American not named Louis Farrakhan or Michael Moore would have made.

17) You think Barack Obama's four years of miserable failure at creating jobs makes him better qualified to get the economy going than Mitt Romney's wildly successful career as an entrepreneur.

18) You are demanding that the GOP cease its "war on women" by agreeing to the government-funded abortions of tens of millions of unborn women.

19) You believe that guns are dangerous and should be heavily regulated, that is unless they're being given to Mexican cartels by the Department of Justice, in which case you think anything goes.

20) You accept the idea that George W. Bush is responsible for all the problems we have now because the President of the United States is so powerful, but you also believe that Barack Obama isn't responsible for anything that's going wrong because Republicans in Congress won't let him do anything he wants.

John Hawkins

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