John Hawkins

16) ....People stop becoming ashamed of taking welfare, school lunches, food stamps, receiving handouts, and living in their parents’ basements?

17) ...Our first priorities in wars become not hurting enemy civilians and getting good press instead of protecting the lives of our troops and winning the war?

18) ...."tolerance" start to mean approval and disapproval become tantamount to hate?

19) ....Our immigration policies become centered on what's most convenient for illegal immigrants instead of what's best for the American people and those who want to come here legally?

20) ...It become okay for the Democrat Party -- which was behind slavery, segregation, lynchings, poll taxes, and Jim Crow laws -- to accuse Republicans of wanting to do those things? It must have been after most people forgot Democrats were behind all of those things and Republicans have always opposed them.

21) ...Debates about politics stop being about whether certain policies work or not and start centering on the intentions, motives, and personal characteristics of the person on the other side of the issue?

22) ...God's definition of marriage, the same definition that has been around for millennia, become discriminatory?

23) ..."Racism" change from an expression of hatred towards another race to an expression of disagreement with Democrats?

24) ...The "not" get removed from the first part of John F. Kennedy's famous quote, "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."

25) ...Borrowing money from the Chinese to spend on useless government programs that produce nothing become an "investment?"

John Hawkins

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