John Hawkins

9) Except for the poorest Americans, everyone should have to pay in taxes what he gets back in government services -- along with a little extra to cover the poor. The fact that 47% of Americans aren't being asked to pay income tax and most of the Americans that do pay think they're being taxed far too much tells you that most people don't think they're getting their money's worth in services.

10) In national elections, liberal politicians usually promise to be moderates and later turn out to be lying if they're elected. On the other hand, Republicans usually promise to be conservatives and then break their promises to move to the middle.

11) Because of gerrymandering and the partisan lean of states, a majority of politicians in Congress don't ever have to worry about being beaten by anyone from the opposing party. Because of this, as long as they don't anger any powerful special interest groups from their party that could fund a primary against them, they might as well have a lifetime appointment to Congress.

12) If you don't vote, your opinion is so meaningless that there's no real point to even asking what you think.

13) America's debt crisis along with the rapidly escalating cost of popular programs like Social Security and Medicare practically guarantees that America's military is going to become considerably weaker in the coming decades.

14) The majority of politicians aren't going to appreciate the work you do for them, your small contribution, the signs you put up, or your help in getting them reelected. They will, however, pay a great deal of attention to you after they're elected if you provide them with a lot of money.

15) Americans claim to want politicians who are honest with them. However, in practice most Americans vote for politicians who tell them what they want to hear while calling it honesty.

16) This country is engaged in an unsustainable level of deficit spending. Yet we can't raise taxes on the rich to make a big dent in it, both parties claim to oppose middle class tax cuts, and making spending cuts is unpopular. So it's a lose/lose/lose/lose situation.

17) Politicians from both parties have proven that they can work together in a quick, bipartisan manner. Unfortunately, it only seems to happen when they're wasting extraordinary amounts of taxpayer money or when they're passing far-reaching, poorly-thought-out legislation in response to a crisis.

18) In the political sphere, most of the people who claim to be "victims" haven't been harmed. To the contrary, they're ecstatic about being "victims" because it gives them an opportunity to bask in public attention as the pretend-to-be aggrieved.

19) A majority of Americans have only the most rudimentary understanding of economics, history, budgeting, the way our system of government works, and the hottest political issues of the moment. That being said, these voters still often catch on when politicians are lying to them because the pols talk to them as if they know absolutely nothing instead of a little something about what's going on.

20) There's a simple reason a lot of politicians aren't nearly as concerned about the country going bankrupt as ordinary Americans: They have so much money and influence that they'll have the option of leaving if things get really bad.

John Hawkins

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