John Hawkins

15) People who think black Americans are too stupid and incompetent to handle getting a voter ID are just as racist as the KKK, although they show it differently.

16) If public universities want to hire terrorists and communists to teach their classes, harass Christians, push around Republican groups, and bring in liberal speakers, but not conservatives, then state legislators should cut off their taxpayer funding until they behave.

17) We don't need to get religion out of politics; we need to get more religion in politics. The politicians certainly don't seem to have any qualms about stepping into areas better left to the church; so pastors have to be willing to encourage their flocks to vote their values to protect themselves from a rapacious government.

18) The whole purpose of our immigration system should be to benefit the Americans who are already here. Therefore, we should favor the best and brightest emigrants from Western cultures. Other immigrants to this country who get in because of family ties should have someone who's willing to vouch for them and take care of them if they have hard times. No naturalized American citizens should ever be eligible for food stamps, welfare, school lunches, or any other hand-outs from their fellow citizens.

19) You can no more change your sex than you can change from a human being into a Water Buffalo. Believing otherwise is a mental disorder that should be handled by a psychologist, not catered to with surgery. A doctor wouldn't cut off a healthy person's leg if he asked or cut out part of someone's brain because a voice in his head wanted it and sex change operations shouldn't be done either.

20) People who've served time in prison for committing a felony may have been punished, but they haven't "paid their debt to society." Repaying their debt would require them to be rehabilitated and to fully compensate their victims, which isn't even possible in some cases. Additionally, even if society forgives, it shouldn't forget. There's no way a felon should ever have the right to vote, own a gun, or teach children among other activities.

John Hawkins

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