John Hawkins

14) Fifty years ago, when he was in high school, Mitt Romney may or may not have cut some kid's hair. You really want to reward that kind of behavior with the presidency?

15) Obama has driven up gas prices, which encourages people to buy more electric cars....ehr, wait, this is for an environmentalist group, right?

16) Do you know how SAD it would make Chris Matthews if Obama lost? How could you do that to him?

17) Did I mention you're racist if you don't vote for Obama? Even if I did, it never hurts to bring it up twice, does it?

18) If you want to stick it to those Wall Street jerks who've given Barack Obama more money than any candidate in history for no reason whatsoever, vote for Bo!

19) Barack Obama is the first gay President! Not literally gay, mind you -- well, unless that would make you more likely to vote for him, in which case, depending on whom you believe, he may be gay.

20) You don't want the Jackie Robinson of American politics to get sent back to the minors just because he can't hit, he can't field, and he can't throw, do you? Think what a setback that would be to black Americans!

John Hawkins

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