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6) America lost its AAA credit rating under Obama, we had the highest monthly deficit in American history just last month, and the projected 10 year deficit under Obama is more than 13 trillion dollars. Do you want to see this kind of spending continue?

7) Do you approve of an American President servilely bowing to foreign leaders?

8) Obama's blundering diplomacy in Pakistan and Afghanistan has almost hopelessly fouled the war effort there. After all the blood and treasure we've spent in Afghanistan, do you want to see America lose to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda because Barack Obama doesn't know what he's doing?

9) Whether you're rich, poor, or the middle class, one thing you can be sure of is that your taxes will go up if Barack Obama is reelected? Do you want your taxes to go up?

10) Every Obama promise comes with an expiration date and you literally can't take him at his word on anything. Do you like politicians to treat you like you're stupid? Do you like being lied to by politicians?

11) Do you think it's okay for Barack Obama's campaign contributors at Solyndra to receive a 535 million dollar government loan, approved by one of Obama’s fundraisers, even though they knew the company was in trouble and there was an excellent chance they wouldn't be able to pay back the loan?

12) In a sop to the unions that supported Barack Obama, "he gave them majority control of Chrysler, the taxpayers lost 14 billion dollars on General Motors, and General Motors received a special 45 billion dollar tax break." Do you think it's okay for Barack Obama to waste 59 billion dollars to help his political allies?

13) Do you think that the molestation of 95 year old cancer patients, sexual assaults, and the bad touching of small children by Obama's TSA should continue even though it does nothing of significance to prevent terrorist attacks?

14) Barack Obama supported TARP and expanded it when he became President. Do you like seeing well-connected big businesses that make lots of money when times are good get government bailouts to cover their losses when times are bad?

15) Obama's Department of Justice helped Mexican criminals get their hands on guns that were used to kill hundreds of Mexicans and an American. Nobody has been fired, nobody has been prosecuted, and the DOJ isn't cooperating with a congressional investigation into a scandal that's as serious as Watergate. Do you think it's all right for the Obama Administration to help provide guns to Mexican cartels without accountability?

That's the quiz! Count up how many "yes" answers you have and see how you scored!

0-5: Congratulations! You're sane!

6-10: Is this David Frum, David Brooks, or Meghan McCain?

11-15: Excellent news, Comrade! You have done well! We may have a spot for you as a guest on the Chris Matthews show next week!

John Hawkins

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