John Hawkins

Should you vote for Barack Obama or the Republican candidate in 2012? Here's a little quiz to help you decide!

1) The latest report from the CBO shows that the one decade cost estimate for Obamacare has almost doubled from 900 billion to 1.76 trillion dollars, it will add 700 billion dollars to the deficit over its first 10 years, 3-5 million people will lose their health care, and 30 million people still won't have health coverage -- and history has shown that CBO projections of this sort almost always turn out to be optimistic. So, do you want the American health care system to be decimated by Barack Obama?

2) Do you want to see gas prices rise as fast as possible while Barack Obama slow walks offshore drilling, blocks the Keystone Pipeline, and opposes ANWR?

3) Obama's stimulus may have been the single most wasteful expenditure in human history. It cost more than the "Marshall Plan, the Louisiana Purchase, and putting a man on the moon" combined and yet, numerous critics correctly predicted that it wouldn't work. Do you want more stimulus bills like that one in the future?

4) Because of Barack Obama's policies, we've had 37 months in a row of above 8% unemployment. That's the longest streak since the Great Depression. Perhaps worse yet, there are 1.7 million fewer jobs today than there were when Obama took office. Do you want to continue to see this many of your fellow Americans unemployed because of Barack Obama's incompetence?

5) The Catholic Church opposes birth control and abortion. Do you think it's okay for the Obama Administration to violate its First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion by forcing it to give out birth control for procreation? Should Catholics have to help abort babies, even though the Catholic Church views it as murder, despite the fact that every last Catholic bishop in the United States has condemned that decision?

John Hawkins

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