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With a few exceptions, foremost among them the New York Post, the coverage of OWS protests compared to the coverage of tea-party protests is the worst media double standard in recent history. Nothing compares, because nothing else involves this much distortion on both ends of the coverage. It’s not just that most press outlets (like the protesters themselves) look the other way at depravity happening inside Obamaville, it’s that for years they treated the tea-party movement as some sort of feral mob that was forever on the brink of rampaging through the streets — like, say, Occupy Oakland just did. If you missed it when I posted it last week, go watch the ad the DNC ran in August 2009 when tea partiers first started showing up to town halls on ObamaCare. That set the tone. We began the year with tea-party pols being smeared as killers over a shooting they had nothing to do with and we end it with actual rapes being shrugged off by the press because they’re bad PR for a movement they support. Disgrace. -- Allahpundit


The mainstream media spent Obama's entire first term falsely condemning the Tea Party as a potentially violent hate-filled mob. Then, a violent hate-filled mob actually showed up and the MSM embraced it.

It's only going to get worse. As sympathetic liberal mayors are giving the protestors free rein to break the law, the media and the public get increasingly bored with them, and the anarchists, thugs, and wannabe revolutionaries attending the protests become more desperate to justify the time they've put in, violent outbursts are likely to increase, rather than decrease. The protestors are already trying to bait the police and even random citizens into conflicts to gain attention; so it's only a matter of time until even more people die. In fact, the biggest question that remains about the protests at this point is how big the body count will be before they're done....and, yes, there is already a body count.


1) A woman has died of a suspected heroin overdose at Occupy Vancouver as violence escalated at camps across America over the weekend, arousing concerns the protests may claim more victims.


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