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Getting beyond semantics, tax cuts stimulate economic growth and generally, we find that tax revenues to the government GO UP after a tax cut. That was certainly the case with the Bush tax cuts. Granted, you could make the argument that revenues would be even higher without the tax cuts, but that doesn't change the fact that the reason our deficits continue to increase is because of our astronomical increases in spending, not plunging revenue caused by tax cuts.

3) It’ll be paid for with the Social Security trust fund: When people think of a "trust fund," they think of a big pile of cash sitting around somewhere, waiting to eventually be used by the beneficiaries. We don't have that with Social Security because we've already spent ALL of the money. So, what exactly is in the "trust fund?" It’s a bunch of special bonds that the government can refuse to honor at any time. Put another way, it's an IOU that future generations of Americans will have to pay off. Here's another way to look at it,

(Imagine) you have a 10 year old son. He doesn't have a job. In fact his only source of revenue is a $20 a month allowance you give him. Let's say that you decide to give your son $100 of your money to hold for you over and above his allowance for some reason. Your son takes the money and spends the entire $100 on going to the movies, the zoo, and a birthday party for his friends. He then writes down "IOU $100" and puts it in his piggy bank. Now, do you have a trust fund or do you have an IOU that you will have to pay for yourself?

If you are one of the tens of millions of Americans who are relying on payments of Social Security from a government that's dead broke and getting further into debt by the day, the fact that there really isn't a trust fund should scare the living hell out of you.

4) We want abortion to be safe, legal, and rare: You hear this a lot, along with "Nobody WANTS more abortions." But, you know who really wants abortion to be "safe, legal, and rare?" The average pro-lifer. That's why most of us want to ban abortion with exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother. Isn't that just about the best definition of "safe, legal, and rare" that you're ever going to hear?

Instead, the people who use the phrase "safe, legal, and rare," almost inevitably do anything and everything possible to make sure that kids aren't "punished with a baby". They tend to favor partial birth abortions and taxpayer funding of abortion, while they oppose mandatory sonograms before abortion, parental consent for girls under 18, and a requiring of consent from the father before an abortion can take place.

So, yes, they do believe in the "safe and legal" part of the phrase, but they believe in the "rare" part about the same way that Michael Jackson wanted young boys to be "rare" at Neverland Ranch.

5) The rich aren't paying their fair share: To begin with, no matter how much the Left envies, hates, and vilifies the rich, taxing them into oblivion still won't fix our problems. As the Heritage Foundation has noted,

Closing the more than $1 trillion deficit Obama’s spending would produce in 2020 by taxing only the rich would require a top income tax rate of 134 percent. Of course it is impossible to tax more than 100 percent of any taxpayer’s income.

In other words, even if we turn liberalism all the way up to the Karl Marx setting, we're not going to fix our budget problems by taxing the rich.

Getting beyond that, how can the rich not be "paying their fair share" when we already have the 2nd highest corporate income tax in the world and "25% of income earners pay 86% of the income tax burden?" As you're pondering that, consider that roughly 47% of Americans pay no income tax at all. So whatever else you want to say about the rich, they're paying more of their "fair share" than at least 47% of Americans.

John Hawkins

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