John Hawkins

3) The people involved with putting this project together can claim that they're "moderates," but they know that around the world, building this mosque will be considered the greatest victory for radical Islam since 9/11. Yes, Osama Bin Laden will be cheering. Radical Muslims will be handing out sweets in the streets, just like they did after 9/11. The people who hate our country with every fiber of their being will be heartened by this incredible "victory" over America. Is that the message we want to send to our enemies?

4) Europe has had an extremely difficult time assimilating Muslims into Western culture. Although percentage-wise, Muslims may make up a small part of the population, they often get away with behaving almost like an oppressive majority. Sharia and polygamy have become the law of the land in parts of Britain. Non-Muslim women in part of Amsterdam have started wearing veils for protection. Belgian police officers have been told not to drink coffee in public during Ramadan. In France, Muslim violence, riots, and car burnings are just considered to be a part of life.

You may say, "That can't happen here." Setting aside the fact that is most assuredly exactly what most of the residents of all the aforementioned nations once thought, it has already started here. Newspapers are afraid to show Danish cartoons of Muhammad. Comedy Central, which is planning a whole show dedicated to mocking Jesus, refuses to show Muhammad's image on South Park.

Even as the people building the mega-mosque at Ground Zero are remorselessly taking advantage of the American people's desire to be tolerant to get support for their project, what they're doing fits in perfectly with the sort of backwards, uncivilized, and anti-social behavior that Muslims have tried to force on Western culture in Europe. If we continue to allow political correctness to prevent us from standing up for what's right for our country, we will pay a price in freedom, civilization, and human decency that we may never get back.

John Hawkins

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