John Hawkins

If you ran into people who insisted on trying to pound nails with a screwdriver no matter how many times they were shown a better way, wouldn't you think there was something wrong with them? What if those people not only used a screwdriver, but demanded that everyone else use a screwdriver instead of a hammer, too? Worse yet, what if those people did this for decades on end?

Well, guess what? We have people like that in this country. They're called liberals and the screwdriver they're using to try to fix America's problems is called big government. Despite the fact that we have decades of accumulated evidence proving that big government doesn't work, liberals just won't give up on it.

Now we may not be able to convince the hidebound Left that government doesn't work, but there are a lot of other Americans with open minds. Maybe some of them can be reached by pointing out how life would be if big government actually worked as well as liberals seem to believe it does.

Michelle Malkin

* FedEx and UPS would be out of business because there'd be no way they could compete with the ruthless efficiency, amazing speed, & dazzling customer service of the post office.

* Our southern and northern borders would be completely secure, the fence on the southern border would be done, and there wouldn't be enough illegals in the United States to even merit a debate about amnesty.

* Social Security would be fully funded and every dime you contribute would be invested, ready to be withdrawn when the government needs to pay your benefits.

* Something as important as Medicare wouldn't be a giant "Bernie Madoff style" Ponzi scheme that would merit fraud charges if a private citizen tried to create a similar project.

* When George W. Bush said, "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job," people all across the country would have said, "Yeah, he's right. He is doing a heck of a good job. Go, Brownie!"

* The American people would be clamoring for the billing departments of private companies to match the professionalism, customer service, and competence of the IRS.

* The massive government regulation that was already in place would have prevented the housing crisis that led to the latest recession that affects America -- instead of creating it by demanding that housing loans be given to poor risks.

John Hawkins

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