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2) Under my administration, we'll send Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to New York to be tried for reasons no one seems to be able to explain. Back in 2006 Barack Obama said a "military tribunal was a perfectly fine way of handling such dangerous individuals as Khalid Shaikh Mohammed."

Why has he changed his mind? Who knows? There has been no coherent explanation given. Maybe Obama made it based on how shiny his teleprompter happened to be that day.

It's hard to figure out what the advantages would be of the trial. Is there a chance KSM could get off on a technicality? Sure. Is there a risk KSM could use the trial as a platform to launch a propaganda campaign? Yes. Does it increase the chances of a terrorist attack on New York? It does. Are we risking having sensitive intelligence information and interrogation methods get out? We are. There's not even a propaganda value to the trial since Obama has assured everyone, before the trial starts, that KSM is going to be convicted and given the death penalty. Thanks for doing something that dumb in the first place, Obama, and then following up by making it look to the world like a Stalinesque show trial. It's things like this that show Barack Obama is actually every bit as dumb as they falsely accused Dan Quayle of being.

3) If you make me the next President of the United States, I will completely abandon bipartisanship and run the most partisan administration in American history! I make no bones about the fact that I'm no big fan of bipartisanship. However, Barack Obama made it one of the central themes of his campaign.

How does that square with passing a stimulus bill that will cost over a trillion dollars with no Republican votes in the House and only three in the Senate? How about being willing to pass a takeover of 1/6 of our nation's economy with what may be no Republican votes by the time it's all said and done? How about not meeting with GOP Leaders on health care since April?

How about this quote? Does it sound like something a person who's willing to work with the other side would say?

"But, I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don't mind cleaning up after them, but don't do a lot of talking."

How about Barack Obama's arrogant declaration to GOP leaders who were trying to work with him on the stimulus package behind closed doors: "I won. So I think on that one, I trump you."

If you're liberal you might like Barack Obama's high-handed arrogance and his hamfisted partisanship, while conservatives probably don't like it one bit. But what everyone should be able to agree on is that it doesn't remotely resemble his campaign promises of "unity" and "bipartisanship."

4) Under my administration, taxpayers will throw away tens of billions of dollars to prop up General Motors and Chrysler in order to give payback to the unions that help get me elected. Even Mr. Bipartisan, John McCain, admits that what was done with GM and Chrysler was a politically motivated disaster:

It is all about the unions. The unions don’t want to have their very generous contracts renegotiated so we will put $80 billion into both General Motors and Chrysler, and if anybody believes that Chrysler is going to survive, I’d like to meet them.

Will we ever get out of those companies? Will we ever get our money back? Are we better off now than if we'd simply allowed both companies to go to bankruptcy court without Congress interfering in the process? The answer to all those questions seems likely to be "no."

5) If you elect me as President, I will put this nation over a trillion dollars in debt for a stimulus bill that will be doomed to failure before it's even passed! There's so little evidence that the stimulus bill has helped the economy that even Saturday Night Live has started making fun of the idea in skits. Of course, the whole idea never made any sense in the first place, since it was enacted in the first half of 2009 despite the fact that the "Congressional Budget Office estimated that the recession would end in the 'second half of 2009"' even if Obama did nothing." So, even if the recession is over, as many economists are speculating -- it means nothing because it would have happened anyway. It's like we spent a trillion dollars to guarantee that it would get cold during the winter.

Could Barack Obama have told the American people the truth and still been elected, even under the most favorable circumstances to liberals since Richard Nixon was impeached? There's about as much chance of that as there is that Al Gore will give up living in a big mansion and move to a Unabomber style shack in order to "save the earth."

John Hawkins

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