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Liberalism is the ideology of science: The Left cares nothing about actual science. Now, using scientific issues for political gain? That, the Left cares about quite a bit. Pick any scientific issue that the Left talks about incessantly and you inevitably will find that it lines up perfectly with its political views. This has led the Left to embrace all sorts of quackish positions over the years. The Left supported global cooling before latching onto the equally fictitious global warming. Its ban on DDT has led to the death of millions in Africa. Liberals clapped along when Paul Ehrlich predicted that we'd all be starving to death in the eighties and nineties. For all their insufferably smug talk about science, for the liberals, the pursuit of knowledge is always secondary to their political agenda.

Liberalism is non-violent: There's a new myth in the making that the Left is trying to establish in the wake of the Holocaust Museum shooting and the assassination of abortionist George Tiller. According to liberals, the Right encourages fringe nuts to murder people while the Left is all about non-violence. That's a particularly funny assertion given that the current President is notorious for palling around with Bill Ayers, a domestic terrorist. Then, of course, there are the eco-terrorists: the Unabomber and ELF. We also can't forget the Animal Liberation Front or liberal cause-celebres like

cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier, who murdered two FBI agents. Heck, there were liberals like Maxine Waters who went so far as to publicly support the L.A. riots. You can go on ad nauseum with these examples, but what you will find again and again, is that not only does the Left have more than its fair share of violent fringe lunatics -- it often gets more than a little support, along with jobs as university professors, from the liberal mainstream.

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