John Hawkins

The Democrats are saying "yes" to socializing medicine: The most hilarious thing about the Democrats’ attempt to engulf the health care industry in the inky blackness of the federal government is their primary selling point: that a government takeover will actually lead to reduced costs. How's that plan working out with Medicare so far? Oh yeah, it's on track to bankrupt the entire country. So let's expand that -- what could go wrong? Well, besides all the features that usually come along with socialized medicine: reduced quality of care, long wait times for operations, and allowing old people to die in order to cut costs. Obamacare would lead to health care with the compassion of the IRS, the competence of FEMA, and the well staffed work force of our border patrol at a much higher cost, but on the upside, you won't live as long, so you'll have less time to complain about it.

The Democrats have said "yes" to a stimulus package that doesn't stimulate anything: Including the interest, the cost for the stimulus is going to be a colossal 1.2 trillion dollars. However, as of May 22, only 37 billion dollars of that money had been spent. Meanwhile, according to the latest data, which is for April, personal consumption for American consumers dropped 0.1%. So, why are we going 1.2 trillion dollars deeper in debt to the Chinese again -- particularly since the "Congressional Budget Office estimated that the recession would end in the 'second half of 2009' even if Obama did nothing?"

A stimulus plan that doesn't actually stimulate the economy when it's doing poorly is like Viagra that Bob Dole can only use when...okay, I'm just going to stop right there. Feel free to thank me later.

The Democrats have said "yes" to appeasement: Since Barack Obama has been elected, he has gone on a "world apology tour." If he hasn't been bowing to the Saudi King, he's been falsely accusing his own nation of torture, giving the A-OK to Iran to have nuclear power, or bizarrely claiming that the United States is one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. Our enemies are undoubtedly heartened to have such a sap in the White House while any nation that relies on the United States to safeguard its freedom must be shaking in its boots -- but, on the upside, Barack Obama is more popular than ever. That will be really helpful when he gets out of office and starts collecting those six-figure checks in Europe for thirty-minute speeches.

The Democrats have said "yes" to decimating the economy to fight "global warming:" Ironically, the globe hasn't actually warmed since 1998, but the Democrats still want to impose the largest tax increase in history to fight this non-existent problem. How much will it cost the average family? Somewhere between $1600 to $4000 a year in higher costs. You have that much extra money lying around that you don't need, right? Isn't $4,000 a year a small price to pay, even if global warming doesn't exist, just to know that Al Gore will be able to sleep soundly at night?

John Hawkins

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