John Hawkins

New Taxes: Barack Obama has suggested the largest tax increases in American history, including a cap and trade tax that would dramatically damage the economy and cost more than $3,000 per family. Let the Democrats be the party that wants to take ever more money out of your pocket for ever more useless government programs without any Republican support. Let the Democrats drive up energy costs, drive corporations overseas, and hammer the poor and middle class with a huge new cap and trade tax without a single Republican backing their decision. Let the Republicans be the Party of "No" on new taxes.

Cutting Border Security: There are few more contentious subjects in politics than illegal immigration, but that's not true about border security. The American people overwhelmingly support securing our borders, so much so that every politician, even the most hard core amnesty supporters, proclaim that they're for securing the borders. So, that is one area where the Republicans shouldn't back down one iota in any way, shape, or form. Any attempts to cut spending, weaken our laws, or introduce an amnesty for the illegals that are already here before our border is secure should be a non-starter for the Republican Party from top-to-bottom.

Socialized Medicine: Does anyone believe that the very same man who is going to run a 1.8 trillion dollar deficit, 4 times the size of the previous high, is going to reduce the cost of medical care? Of course not -- and we already have the best care in the world, so there's no way that Obama can improve the quality of medicine. Bringing armies of bureaucrats and hundreds of thousands of pages of regulations written by people who know nothing about medicine into our healthcare system -- when our country is already broke and deep in debt -- would be an utter disaster. Let the Democrats play political games with the American people's lives and let the GOP be the Party of "No" on the issue.

Bailouts: Just to be clear, there should be no more bailouts of any other American companies, under any circumstances -- and no TARP 2. The GOP may have supported the original TARP program, but even the Republicans who voted for it under Bush should be able to see the error of their ways at this point.

What Obama Has Done at Chrysler: Nothing good has come out of Obama's machinations in the auto industry, but it goes far beyond that with Chrysler. What he has done at that company is not just corrupt; it may merit him being put in a cell next to Duke Cunningham for the next few years. His administration wasted billions of dollars in taxpayer money, made threats against people who stood up to him, broke contracts, and gave his political allies in the union a special deal that made them majority owners of the company. A special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate what happened and -- if as it appears, Barack Obama crookedly used billions of taxpayer dollars to maneuver his political allies into power -- he should go to jail. What happened at Chrysler is not okay and Republicans need to be shouting that from the rooftops.

What it all comes down to is that we already have a socialist, soft-on-terror, anti-business, tax-and-spend, pro-amnesty-and-open-borders, anti-freedom party in Washington and there isn't much of a market for a slightly more moderate version of the political party that's destroying our country's future. The GOP needs to have the guts to stand on its principles, present clear contrasts, and take a page from Nancy Reagan by just saying "No."

John Hawkins

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