John Hawkins

10) Trying to convince people to do something that's immoral, unethical, or just plain old wrong so that you'll feel better about doing it yourself.

11) Spreading a conspiracy theory you don't believe in to draw in traffic for your website.

12) Spraying graffiti on someone else's property.

13) Watching someone drop money on the ground and keeping it instead of giving it back to him.

14) A pastor who waters down his Christian beliefs because they conflict with political correctness.

15) Hacking into someone else's computer.

16) Choosing not to help pay for your own children's livelihood.

17) Spreading malicious rumors about friends and co-workers.

18) Aborting your child because it's inconvenient.

19) Deliberately undermining someone else's marriage.

20) Trying to rig an election, win a seat in the courts that you lost at the ballot box, or trying to insure phony votes are counted.

21) An atheist trying to ruin other people's faith in God to make himself feel better about his own unbelief.

22) Writing a virus that infects someone's computer.

23) Living off the charity of others or the government dole AND feeling no shame over it.

24) Mocking someone whose politics you disagree with right after he dies.

25) Knowingly accusing an innocent person of racism.

John Hawkins

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