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By the end of the Democratic primary campaign, the black vote was breaking towards Obama and against the wife of the "first black President" by a better than 80/20 margin. Thank heavens for "overzealous" staffers or we might have been forced to see someone other than Barack Obama on the cover of a magazine in the last few months.

4) Back in 2006, Barack Obama told the Chicago Sun-Times that he had never been, "asked to do anything to advance (Tony) Rezko's business interests." However, once the presidential campaign got underway, it came out that Obama "wrote to city and state housing officials on behalf of a housing project for seniors that" his crooked pal was working on.

Obama's response? It was a form letter -- and by the way, not only did I not know that Rezko was associated with the project, I didn't even know my staff sent out the letter.

Incidentally, since Obama's original answer, he gave back $160,000 in Rezko campaign contributions -- and that's aside from the shady deal Obama made to get land for his house from Rezko at a below market rate. If you believe Obama, all that earned Rezko were some lousy form letters that he wasn't even aware his staff had sent out. If you buy into that, I've got a Senate seat in Illinois to sell you.

3) Right out of the gate, after Obama was elected, he became enmeshed in scandal as Rod Blagojevich got caught trying to sell his Senate seat. So, what to do? Well, you know our President: he blamed Rahm Emanuel.

Sure, Rahm Emanuel was talking about filling Obama's Senate seat with Obama's friend Valerie Jarrett, but certainly Barack Obama had no idea that was going on. At first glance, that might seem implausible, but Obama's claim was that Rahm was acting without his blessing because he "had ruled out communicating a preference for any one candidate."

The fevered logic for that unlikely claim was undoubtedly that you can't be accused of discussing a bribe to put a particular politician in office if you don't have a favorite candidate. But, there's nothing to worry about since Obama's lawyers prepared a report exonerating their client of all wrongdoing in the case. And if you can't trust what Obama's lawyers say about Obama, then who can you trust, right?

2) Way back in 1996, Barack Obama said that, yes, he wanted to "ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns." That answer wasn't problematic for him in a run at the state Senate in Illinois, but hewing to that position would have made it impossible for him to get elected as President.

So, Obama claimed a staffer filled out the questionnaire for him and got the answer wrong. One problem: his handwritten notes were "on the front page of the questionnaire."

Incidentally, it's still legal to buy a handgun and it seems unlikely that the Democrats could try to put a ban in place unless they padded their margins even further in 2010. There may even be a gun shop in your area open right now. Just saying.

1) The AIG Bonuses: Ironically, despite the fact that he has been publicly flogging the AIG executives who took bonuses, it was Barack Obama's administration, in concert with Chris Dodd, that ""amended language to the economic stimulus plan so that such bonuses could continue to be paid."." Of course, it's also worth noting that clause was in the stimulus bill that Barack Obama signed into law.

Yet, if you believe Barack Obama, Tim Geithner and Company failed to inform him of the bonuses until the day before they were paid out despite the fact that the Treasury Department had been informed well before then and was told the bonuses "were a hot-button issue." No wonder Obama doesn't want to fire Geithner. The economy is melting down, Obama is making it worse at every turn, and could there be a better patsy to blame it all on at this point than Geithner?

John Hawkins

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