John Hawkins

Now, there have always been shameless freeloaders in this country and politicians that have had no qualms about pandering to them in order to get their votes. Happily, because of this country's Christian work ethic, a steady stream of hard working immigrants, and the innovation, drive, and determined spirit of the American people, the number of "takers" in our country has always remained relatively small.

That being said, a rather colossal shift seems to have taken place not just in our government, but in our culture. People no longer seem ashamed to take welfare or food stamps. They expect their neighbors to pay their mortgages. They think the government should keep their failing businesses afloat. In short, they seem to believe they have a "right" to have their fellow Americans pay their bills.

In the past, there have always been politicians who were happy to loot the productive members of our society to buy votes from those sort of n'er-do-wells. However, what is unusual about the situation that we now find ourselves in is that so many Americans seem to be willing not just to rob the producers of today, but to rob their own children.

In an environment, where armies of activists steadfastly fight the tiniest of spending decreases for the most hidebound of government agencies and the most Byzantine of bureaucracies, we're running deficits in the trillions and openly pledging to spend even more. Moreover, the nearly measureless amounts of money we're spending are not being put towards great accomplishments. We're not paying out these mastodonic sums to build an interstate highway system or get to the moon; we're spending it on giveaways to bankers, interest group boondoggles, and make-work government programs.

In twenty years, when our children have 20-30 trillion dollars of debt to deal with, massive deficits, an economy that is barely crawling along because of sky high tax rates, and their own personal senior citizen to support out of their wages courtesy of welfare and Medicare, how do we expect them to have the same sort of opportunities we've had? Are they going to inherit a "shining city on a hill" or a shotgun shack on the backside of a mountain? What is being done to future generations of Americans today in Congress is one of the most shameful acts in our country's history. It's the equivalent of stealing the baby's milk money to buy Viagra and it is selfish, contemptible, and unworthy of the proud legacy we've been left by previous generations of Americans.

John Hawkins

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