John Hawkins

Additionally, Barack Obama is generally perceived as being a weak candidate with Hispanics. So, how is McCain doing with Hispanics? Actually, not so well. According to Gallup, Obama is consistently beating McCain 2 to 1 with Hispanic voters. Gallup's latest poll, which was released in July, shows McCain only receiving 29% of the Hispanic vote.

So, let's take a hard look at this situation: McCain is the Republican most closely associated with amnesty, he's giving speeches to racist Hispanic groups like La Raza, he's going on trips to Mexico, he's publicly pledging to allow illegals to become American citizens en masse, and he's not getting 60% of the Hispanic vote, or 50%, or even 40%. No, McCain is only getting 29% of the Hispanic vote -- and at an enormous cost.

Over the last few years, no issue has done more damage to conservative enthusiasm and GOP fundraising than illegal immigration and even though the dream candidate of the amnesty and open borders crowd is running, the payoff so far has been -- drumroll, please -- 29% of the Hispanic vote against a Democrat who is weak with Hispanics.

In other words, the GOP may very well attract higher percentages of Hispanic voters in future elections, although it's impossible to say whether the GOP will ultimately be able to pull in 50% or more of that voting block. However, what this election is proving once and for all is that Hispanics are not one-issue voters who can be permanently bought off by the Republican Party for the price of an amnesty. Since that’s the case, comprehensive immigration reform is nothing less than political suicide for the GOP. It utterly demoralizes the conservative base, doesn't draw large numbers of Hispanic voters to the Republican banner, and over the long haul, it would be likely to demographically destroy the conservative movement in the United States.

John Hawkins

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