John Hawkins

Along similar lines, how exactly is someone as far off to the Left as Rush Limbaugh is to the Right, going to be able to unify the country? Heck, Barack Obama can't even unify liberals. His supporters are calling the Clinton backers racists, Hillary's fans are claiming Barack's voters hate women, you have liberals threatening to leave the Democratic Party if the Democratic super delegates don't vote for Barack -- and we're talking about people who generally agree with each other on just about everything. What happens when Barack Obama, a man who has written that he favors outlawing handguns, is against the death penalty, and deliberately favors losing the war in Iraq for political purposes, has to "unify" liberals and conservatives? Now, you may say, "The Right and Left are too far apart in this country to be unified and nobody could pull it off," which could turn out to be true. However, don't tell me that – tell Obama, because unifying the country is a central part of his campaign and he's asking people to vote for him on that basis.

Then there's Barack's constant talk about "hope," which shows you just what a bunch of sad sacks are buying into O'Bambi's fast talk. Keep in mind: we don't live in Sudan, Mexico, Afghanistan, Belarus or some other hellhole where the biggest hope most people have is to leave; we live in the United States of America. Millions of people come here every year and millions more are waiting to get here because this country represents hope and opportunity to people across the world. So, if you're the sort of person who is in the United States, is hopeless, and believes that Barack Obama is going to bring you hope through the same federal government that is responsible for FEMA, the IRS, and ICE, then there may truly be no "hope" for you.

With that in mind, before we elect one of the single least qualified Presidents in the history of the United States to foist a Ted Kennedyesque vision of government on the country, maybe people should start asking a few tough questions instead of cooing like pigeons because Barack Obama keeps spewing out the sort of substance-less pap you typically expect to see on Hallmark cards.

John Hawkins

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