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Admittedly the title is a wee bit of an exaggeration. Did I say "wee bit?" I really meant a huge exaggeration. Okay, okay, the title is so over-the-top that I would only write it in a column, not say it in front of an audience of conservatives because people might start throwing garbage.

And let me tell you, I understand where people are coming from with McCain; I really do. That's why I created such seminal works of art as The Conservative Case Against John McCain In 2008, A Conservative Nightmare: Republican Nominee, John McCain, and John McCain: This guy? Really?, among many, many other brutal attacks on "Amnesty" John. On the bright side, I suppose that if he becomes President, no one can ever accuse me of refusing to criticize people on my own side, but on the other hand, that would mean John McCain would be the President of the United States. Shudder!

Wait, what was this column about again? Oh yes, why conservatives should vote for John McCain in 2008. Well, somebody had to write this column since it's looking more and more likely that McCain is going to be the nominee and it's better that it isn't one of the people who actually like him because a lot of the things that need to be said about Mr. "Straight Talk" aren't that pleasant.

The truth is that John McCain could have been fairly called a conservative at one time, but that is no longer an accurate designation for him. McCain is not just a squish or a RINO, he is a man who seems to take pleasure in publicly fighting against conservatives on issues of great import. That's why John McCain may become the de facto leader of the Republican Party if he's the nominee and the leader of the country if he's the President, but no matter how many times he calls himself a "conservative leader," the Right will accept him as the leader of the conservative movement about 5 minutes after hell freezes over and reopens as a ski lodge.

That being said, there's another side to the story that has to be told. For all of his flaws, and there are many of them, John McCain is far to the right of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Those of us on the Right tend to downplay that, because a betrayal by someone on our own side stings much more sharply than one from a Democrat, but it is something conservatives should be willing to admit.

John Hawkins

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