John Hawkins

* Fear Of Offending Anyone: Because politicians are always thinking about the next election instead of actually serving the people who put them into office, they're terrified of actually doing anything that might offend someone. In today's society, where whole organizations full of people make a living by pretending to be perpetually offended -- what that means is it takes a small measure of courage, one that most politicians don't seem to have, in order to do almost anything.

They are terrified to put an end to illegal immigration because that might offend Hispanics. They can't call for an end to Affirmative Action, which is a racist policy that discriminates against white people, because that might offend blacks. They can't say anything nice about the Boy Scouts because that might offend gays. They can't point out that the problem with our schools isn't funding, it's the teacher's unions, because they'll be accused of hating children. They can't point out that wind, solar, ethanol, and the other alternative fuels that every politician in America seems to tout are, at least for the moment, technological jokes that can't come close to replacing oil because they'll offend the environmentalists. They can't point out that Muslims are more likely to engage in terrorism than anyone else because they'll be accused of hating Muslims.

One of the reasons that the American people are so cynical about politicians is because there are so many obvious truths that politicians won't delve into out of fear of offending anyone. It gets old.

* Politics Not Stopping At The Water's Edge: There's nothing wrong with disagreeing with your political opponent's foreign policy, but there is a problem when you put your petty political concerns ahead of the good of the country.

When we have politicians going to hostile foreign nations and saying things that can be used as propaganda against us, that's a bridge too far. When we have former U.S. Presidents criticizing the United States overseas or slamming our own allies for cooperating with us, that is reprehensible. When we have government employees in the CIA collaborating with members of the mainstream media to try to undercut our foreign policy via leak of sensitive classified documents, that should be treated as scandalous.

Love of country should come before petty political concerns and that has ceased to be the case for too many people in D.C.

John Hawkins

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