John Hawkins

20) Anna Nicole Smith dies and no one can figure out who the father of her child is because she apparently slept with 1 out of every 10 adult males on the planet earth within 3 months of when her kid was conceived.

19) Larry Craig's "wide stance" got him into trouble in an airport bathroom.

18) Liberals rally for the right of black thugs to beat a white student unconscious with impunity in the Jena Six case.

17) Venezuela's commie strong man, Hugo Chavez, narrowly lost a rigged election that would have allowed him to become dictator for life. Look for liberals everywhere to point to that election as proof that he's honest when he narrowly engineers a victory in the next rigged election.

16) Scooter Libby had his sentence commuted by George Bush and when it's quiet, some say you can still hear the liberal screams of agony echoing in the distance from that night.

15) Al Gore received a Nobel Peace Prize, bizarrely, for spreading alarmist propaganda about global warming. That's a strong indication that either no one is doing much to promote peace these days or that Al Gore had pictures of all the judges partying a little too hard with Osama Bin Laden's old girlfriend, Bessie the goat.

14) All across America, people slammed their heads against the walls in frustration over a presidential political cycle that featured 15 plus candidates, none of whom they liked, starting to fight it out in January of 2007. When exactly did politics become a perpetual campaign and actual governance an issue of secondary importance?

13) One day, the French were cheese-eating surrender monkeys and then the next day, after Nicolas Sarkozy was elected -- well, they were still cheese-eating surrender monkeys, but we liked him enough to pretend not to notice.

12) Pervez Musharraf may be a son of a b*tch, but he's our son-of-a-b*tch. Unfortunately, our son-of-a-b*tch is barely keeping Pakistan under control because those radical Islamist and Al-Qaeda sons-of-a-b*tches are causing trouble. Dictators, terrorists, and nuclear weapons! Oh my!

11) It would be tempting to move the California wildfires higher up the list except that these massive fires now seem to occur there every 2 or 3 years.  Let's hope California has better luck over the next few years with these fires than they've had in recent years.

John Hawkins

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