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4) Clinton supporter David Hale claimed that your husband pressured him into making a "fraudulent $300,000 federally backed loan to Susan McDougal, some of which went into Whitewater Development Corp." Did your husband pressure David Hale into making that fraudulent loan?

5) You once turned $1,000 into $100,000 in less than a year in the cattle futures market. The odds that this was done legitimately have been put, in some estimates, as high as 250 million to 1. It has been alleged, and seems likely, that the $100,000 was actually bribe money that was paid to you while the cattle futures market was merely used as cover for the payout. With that in mind, were your cattle futures winnings actually bribe money?

6) During the Clinton Administration, Craig Livingstone, the Director of the White House Office of Personnel Security, improperly looked through the FBI files of hundreds of your political enemies. There are allegations that you got Livingstone hired, that he went through those files on your orders, and that you also read some of those files. Are any of those allegations true?

7) In his report on the Travelgate firings, Independent Counsel Robert Ray said your testimony was

"factually false," and said that he didn't go after you for perjury because there was "insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mrs. Clinton's statements to this Office or to Congress were knowingly false." Did you commit perjury in your testimony about Travelgate?

8) Your brother, Hugh Rodham, pocketed $400,000 (which was returned) from people who later received pardons from your husband. At the time, you claimed that you had not discussed those pardons with your brother or your husband beforehand. Is that true?

9) You have been tied to a surprising number of shady fundraisers including Peter Paul, Norman Hsu, John Huang, Johnny Chung, and Charlie Trie just to name a few. Were you ever aware that any of these men were engaged in illegal activities that benefited you and your husband before it was brought to your attention by law enforcement authorities or the press?

No Wonder She Kissed Arafat's Wife

10) Former Clinton consultant Dick Morris said that in a dispute over money, you said to him, "That's all you people care about is money." He took that to be a slap at him because he is a Jew. Did you say that to Dick Morris?

11) Former Clinton adviser, Paul Fray, claims that you called him a "Jew B*stard" after Bill lost his congressional bid in 1974. Is that true?

12) Larry Patterson, an Arkansas state trooper who also acted as your bodyguard says that he heard you, "use the term 'Jew B*stard' and call (your) husband a 'Jew Boy' and a 'M-----rF--king Jew.'" Is that true?

Are You "Experienced?"

13) You've been portrayed as an extremely talented lawyer, but isn't it true that you flunked your D.C. Bar Exam, that James McDougal said that he only hired you as a lawyer "because Bill came in whimpering (that) they needed help," and that you only were able to become a partner at the Rose Law Firm because your husband was the Governor of Arkansas?

14) According to Newsweek's Jonathan Alter, who's certainly no conservative, "Hillary negotiated nothing and was present at no major meetings on foreign policy and national security after 1994. ...On domestic policy, Hillary was essentially sidelined after her disastrous 1994 health-care plan." Is that true?

John Hawkins

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